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Francesco Durante: A Neapolitan Christmas Vol. ll


Neapolitan Christmas ll Cito pastores

Missa in Afflictiones tempore: Gloria

Missa in Afflictiones tempore: Qui tollis

Missa in Afflictiones tempore: Cum Sancto

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Francesco Durante: A Neapolitan Christmas Vol. ll:  Pastorale Cito Pastores. Laudate pueri “breve detto il Grottesco.” Litani à due voci con violini in e. Mass in F “In afflictionis tempore” Monica Piccinini (s1); Christina Kühne (sll); Ursula Eittinger (a); Alberto ter Doest (t); Thilo Dahlmann (b); Kölner Akademie Michael Alexander Willens CPO 777 734 (70:27 )

 …the clarity and careful attention to intonation lend these pieces a perfect balance. Willens, who edited the Mass and Litany, keeps his tempos moving but at a sedate pace that is rather closely aligned to the precise phrasing of the music.”

 Fanfare 2013

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