Meet our musicians: Emilija Kortus

Which instrument do you play at the Kölner Akademie and when did you start playing?
In Kölner Akademie I play violin, I first played a project in summer of 2022.

What brought you to the Kölner Akademie?
A good friend of mine recommended me to Michael

In which other orchestras and ensembles do you play?
I usually lead the Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra of Leipzig, and I play often with the Geneva Camerata. In Berlin I play with Berolina Ensemble and the Orbis Quartett.

What do you think distinguishes your work with the Kölner Akademie?
I enjoy the work with Kölner Akademie because we achieve a very clean, warm and pure sound together.

What do you like to do when you are not playing music?
When I am not playing music, I love to meet my friends and enjoy good food and red wine! I am also a huge fan of chess playing and basketball.