Oboe concertos by Fischer and Stamitz


Komponist: Johann Christian Fischer, Carl Stamitz
Interpret(en): Michael Niesemann, Kölner Akademie, Michael Alexander Willens


Oboe concertos from Fischer and Stamitz, Michael Niesemann, oboe, Kölner Akademie, Michael Alexander Willens. Forgotten Treasures Vol. 7, ARS-Produktion
Musik auf historischen Instrumenten

Johann Christian Fischer (1733-1800)
Oboenkonzert Nr. 1, C-Dur
A Favourite Concerto for the Hoboy or German Flute with Instrumental Parts
Composed by Gio: Christiano Fischer Nr. 1
1    Allegro
2    Andante
3    Rondeaux

Oboenkonzert Nr. 7, F-Dur
A Seventh Concerto with the Favorite Air “Gramachree Molly” for a Hautboy or German Flute
Accompanied by two Violins, two French Horns Tenor and Bass
Composed by John Christian Fischer, Musician to the Queen of Great Britain Nr. 7
4    Allegro
5    Larghetto
6    Andante “Gramachree Molly with Variations”

Carl Stamitz (1745-1801)
Concerto B-Dur
7    Allegro
8    Andante moderato
9    Tempo di Menuetto

Johann Christian Fischer (1733-1800)
Oboenkonzert Nr. 2, Es-Dur
A Second Concerto for a Hautboy, German Flute or Violin with Accompanyments for
two Violins, two French Horns, Tenor and Bass, Composed by Gio: Christiano Fischer Nr. 2
10    Allegro
11    Adagio
12    Rondeau: Allegro
Michael Niesemann, Oboe
Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens

Oboe nach Hammig von Piet Dhont 1991

“The orchestra is excellent throughout, and the music has been well recorded.”

Musica dei Donum 2010

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