Sigismund Ritter von Neukomm: Sinfonie héroïque


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Sigismund Neukomm: Grande Sinfonie héroïque op 19,  Fantasies for large orchestra op 9 & NV 41,  Fantaisie dramatique on some passages of Milton’s “Paradise Lost”,  Die Kölner Akademie,  Michael Alexander Willens CPO: 777573-2 

  1. Fantaisie à grand Orchestre op. 9 [NV 26]
  2. Dramatic Fantasia on some passages of Milton‘s Paradise Lost [NV 426]
  3. Fantaisie à grand Orchestre [NV 41]
  4. Grande Sinfonie heroïque op. 19 [NV deest]


“The more I hear from conductor Michael Alexander Willens and his period instrument orchestra, Die Kölner Akademie, the more impressed I am”

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