“Beethoven’s Bonn Contemporaries”

Concerts on 25.01.24. 20:00 at the Urania Theater Köln
Tickets on sale via: Beethoven And His Bonn Contemporaries Tickets – kölnticket.de (koelnticket.de)

and on 26.01.24 20:00 in the Trinitatiskirche Endenich (Bonn)
reasonable donations requested.

When Beethoven was 18 years old, he was offered a position as a violist in the Bonn court orchestra. There he met Anton Reicha, flautist, and Bernard Romberg. Both colleagues were also composers and Beethoven almost certainly sat with them after a rehearsal or concert and discussed (and probably argued!) about the important musical topics of the day. Both went on to become respected composers and their music was performed with some regularity, although not to the same extent as Beethoven’s. Our concert presents works by these two contemporaries of Beethoven as well as some arias from the Singspiel Amors Guckkasten by Beethoven’s first official organ and composition teacher, Christian Gottlob Neefe. All of these performances are world premieres, as they have not been performed since the 19th century!

“Beethoven’s Bonn contemporaries”
Anton Reicha
Overture in D major (in 5/8 !)

Christian Gottlob Neefe
4 arias from “Amors Guckkasten”
Anna Herbst, soprano

Bernhard Romberg
Symphony No.1 in C minor op. 23 (Symphony of Mourning)

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens, Conductor