Epoche: Baroque

Rich in splendour, like the paintings of Rubens, or bold and dramatic like the works of Caravaggio, our series of baroque recordings contain both vocal and instrumental music which capture all of the grand elements and styles of this period. Performed on baroque instruments, our recordings recreate the sounds and textures the composer’s themselves would have heard in their lifetime, giving the music a true sense of authenticity.

We offer the listener an array of 17th and 18th century masterpieces in world premiere recordings, featuring the music of German and Italian composers whose works today are mostly forgotten. The music on these recordings range from instrumental suites and Sinfonias by Johann Melchior Molter to concertos for various instruments by Emmanuelle Barbella, Johann Joachim Quantz and Antonio Teodoro Zani.

For lovers of vocal music there is much to choose from; Christmas cantatas by Johann Friedrich Agricola, Johann Christoph Förster, Gottfried August Homilius, Gottfried Heinrich Stölzl and Georg Philip Telemann; Christmas Oratorios by Johann Schelle, Johann Wilhelm Hertel, and Johann Mattheson and sacred music (Masses and Magnificats) by Girolamo Abos. For Easter one can select Passions as well as Oratorios by Johann Sebastian Bach (but not his well known St. John and St. Matthew Passions!) Carl Heinrich Graun, Johann Valentin Meder, Johann Heinrich Rolle, and Ernst Wilhelm Wolf.

These are just a few of the rich musical treasures of the baroque that await your discovery. Feel free to browse in our shop!