Kölnische Rundschau interviews Michael Alexander Willens

Article Kölnische Rundschau Michael Alexander Willens Shalom Musik Festival

The Kölnische Rundschau interviews in its series “Music in the Blood” artists from Cologne who come from all over the world and have been influenced by the sounds of their countries of origin.

This is also the case with conductor Michael Alexander Willens, whom the Kölnische Rundschau interviewed on the occasion of his concerts at the Festival Shalom-Musik.Koeln.

Under the title “Songs of my Grandfathers,” he recalls the glorious days of the 1930s with a Broadway-style show band. The aim is to make Jewish music visible and audible even after the festival year “1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany,” which was celebrated in 2021.

Michael Alexander Willens deals intensively with the songs of his two grandfathers Alexander Olshanetsky and Herman Yablokoff.

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