Meet our musicians
Bettina Schaeffer

Which instrument do you play at the Kölner Akademie and when did you start playing?

I sing alto. I sang in the choir for the first time when I was five years old and since then singing has always been part of my everyday life.

What brought you to the Kölner Akademie?

My first project with the Kölner Akademie was to perform Handel’s “Solomon” in Bologna in 2019. At that time, I was recommended by a colleague.

In which other orchestras and ensembles do you play?

I am mainly performing as an alto soloist. However, I also have a penchant for ensemble singing and have sung with Chorwerk Ruhr and the Balthasar Neumann Choir, among others, in addition to the Koelner Akademie. I am very excited to be part of the Scholars Program of VOCES8 in 2023/24.

What in your eyes distinguishes the work with the Kölner Akademie?

In addition to well-known works, the Kölner Akademie also regularly performs works by previously lesser-known composers. It is very exciting to get to know new music from earlier eras. We often play in small ensembles, which requires a high degree of concentration, precision and musicality.

What do you like to do when you are not making music?

In my free time, I do yoga almost every day. Otherwise I like to be outside and meet with friends for a good coffee or a long walk.