Annika Stegger


My name is Annika Stegger, I am a soprano and I am currently doing my Bachelor’s degree
in Voice and Voice Pedagogy at the University of Music and Dance Cologne.

What I love most about my job as a singer is making music with others. Therefore I sing not only in various vocal ensembles, but also devote myself with particular pleasure to early music, which often offers the possibility to play with the most different instrumental ensembles to rehearse and perform lesser known but all the more exciting pieces. But also “cracking” crazy compositions of contemporary composers of contemporary composers is a lot of fun for me.

As often as possible I spend my free time outdoors in the countryside. Often on the bike or with a good book and a Ka e in the sun. When I’m in a foreign city, I like to just walk around and and let me surprise what I get to see or experience. Otherwise I like to meet up with my friends to cook, have a martini or two on the balcony or I can be found in the cinema or at the opera.

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