Aysha Wills


Aysha Wills has played the flute for over two decades, and has specialised in historical performance for one of those decades. After so many hours of hard work, she now she lives the glamorous life of a freelance musician – concert halls, train delays, corporate gigs, hours of practice each day, constant paranoia about getting carpal tunnel, long periods of questioning whether it was a wise decision to not study law or something… but in all seriousness, she fiercely loves what she does. Music was her first love, even before she knew that it would end up being her career.

But Aysha is so much more than a flutist. She loves cooking (and eating!) with a passion, is a burgeoning instrument builder and a sought-after barista. When not playing, she spends most of her time lifting weights, hanging out with her Postscript ensemble-mates, playing video games, or watching reruns of the X Files.

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