Elvira Bill


What would Cologne be without its cathedral? Analogous to this symbiosis of sorts, I myself feel equally called to shape and be in touch with my life as a singer and a family woman. Both roles complement, inspire and spur each other on. Besides the musical performances I take care – usually while singing – of our three children, eight quails and the garden and dance with my husband Georg to the 6/8 beat. Being a night owl, I like to devote myself at dark times of the day to creative needlework with musical accompaniment by Quadro Nuevo. Since I do not like looking at screens, I ask for forgiveness for the occasional late answer to E-mails and texts. I much rather meet people and nature in the real world and let my senses and emotions run their free course. As much as I enjoy traveling, I love the musical diversity across  epochs and genres, through which my voice faithfully accompanies me. My spiritual anchor – “the home” to which I always like to return so to speak – is the music of J.S. Bach. The chorale “Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten” (“Who only lets the good Lord prevail”) has a central meaning for me and gives me strength, hope and confidence in every situation in life.

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