Feyzi Cokgez


My companions say that I am a sociable, spontaneous and curious person who likes to invite others just to have some fun and spend time together. I am very helpful and rarely say “no”. My better half likes to compare me to the cat lady from the Simpson’s, which may be due to the fact that I collect old things and rarely like to part with anything, no matter if it’s old matchboxes, glasses, wooden boxes and more.

I was born in Bremen, grew up in Istanbul and returned to Bremen in 2011. I like to experiment with other instruments. Because I am interested in knowing what challenges other musicians.
I like to cook from recipes that come to me spontaneously. To be able to grow and produce things like fruit, wine and cheese myself someday, and then be able to offer them to my guests on my own estate by the sea, that would be something! If possible with many animals, because for a good two years a dog shares the sofa with us, which I find immensely beautiful.

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