Three piano concertos

Johann Wilhelm Wilms Piano Concertos Vol.1

We are excited to release our world premiere recording of 3 piano concertos by Johann Wilhelm Wilms in honor of his 250th Birthday!

Born in the vicinity of Cologne, only two years after and some sixty km distant from Beethoven, Johann Wilhelm Wilms was once a musical force to be reckoned with. In Amsterdam, where he lived from the age of 19, his music was actually performed more frequently than Beethoven’s at one period, and his orchestral works were played in such musical centres as Leipzig. Besides chamber music and solo sonatas Wilms composed several symphonies and solo concertos (for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and cello) as well as piano concertos for his own use, five of which were published between 1799 and 1820. (Two more have been lost.) He also appeared regularly as soloist in concertos by other composers.

But already during his lifetime Wilms began to retreat from the public eye, whether because of setbacks in his private life or because he was disillusioned with the superficial tastes of the Amsterdam audiences. By the time of his death in 1847, he was remembered almost exclusively as the composer of the then national anthem.

In time for the 250th anniversary of Wilms’ birth, we are releasing all five piano concertos in two volumes, this being the first with concertos l-lll; the other two concertos will be released this fall. Available in our shop, now at a special discount price!

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