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Andrea Zani
Complete Cello Concertos

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Martin Rummel Cello

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens

Cello concerto no. 1 in F major Allegro

Cello concerto no. 3 in D major Andante

Cello concerto no. 8 in C minor Allegro

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Mark Stephen Buhl, our Austrian manager, sent me an email, asking if I would be interested in recording some cello concertos by Andrea Zani with one of his artists, Martin Rummel, performing as soloist.

Since I had never heard of either of them, I thought, “This sounds interesting, why not check it out?” and boy am I glad I did!

Working with Martin was pure joy. His stamina was amazing. In four days, we recorded the 36 movements of the twelve concertos!

These concertos, which, at least in my opinion, give Vivaldi a run for his money were re-discovered by the musicologist, Dr. Jill Ward, who lives in New Zealand. With the wonders of the Internet, she was able to do her research and make her edition of theses concertos without having to ever leave her home!

If you’re looking for some beautiful baroque music for the cello, then this recording is definitely for you!

Andrea Zani: Complete Cello Concertos

Concerto Cello no.10 in F WD.794
Concerto Cello no.2 in a WD.789
Concerto Cello no.3 in D WD.792
Concerto Cello no.6 in g WD.797
Concerto Cello no.8 in c WD.798
Concerto Cello no.5 in G WD.790

Concerto Cello no.9 in Bb WD.796
Concerto Cello no.4 in d WD.795
Concerto Cello no.7 in C WD.788
Concerto Cello no.11 in e WD.791
Concerto Cello no.1 in c WD.793
Concerto Cello no.12 in f WD.799

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Complete Cello Concertos

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    Alain Steffen

    The very dynamic and accented playing of the Cologne Academy is also an absolute asset.


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    … the fine performances and Zani’s own elegant, creative musicianship are grounds enough for procurement.

    MuciWeb International

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