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The piano
concertos 2CDs

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Ronald Brautigam, Hammerklavier

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens, Conductor

Eine Co-Produktion mit Deutschlandfunk
T.T.: 157’13


Disc 1

Piano concerto no.1 in C major op.15
Piano concerto no.2 in Bb major op.19
Piano concerto no.4 in G major op.58

Disc 2

Piano concerto no.3 in c minor op.37
Piano concerto no.5 in Eb major op.73 (Emperor)

Ronald Brautigam, Hammerklavier
Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens, conductor

6 reviews for Beethoven
The piano
concertos 2CDs

  1. Michael Tanner

    These are highly individual performances of extremely familiar works.

    Classical music /BBC

  2. David A. McConnell

    The Kölner Akademie and Michael Alexander Willens are exceptionally sensitive collaborators,
    and their rapport with Brautigam is obvious.

    The classic review

  3. Rainer W. Janka

    There is no incense-laden Beethoven heroic image here: the tempi are consistently fast,
    energetically advancing, often rushing ahead. The "con brio" that Beethoven so often prescribes is
    taken by the musicians at their word.

    Klassik -Heute

  4. Dr. Jürgen Schaarwächter

    Phrasing and dynamization are impeccable, from the very first measure. Brautigam’s/Willens'
    recording also meets rich competition in the field of historically informed performance practice..

  5. Warwick Arnold

    Attentive listeners will appreciate these performances of remarkable rhythmic acuity and subtle


  6. Kölner Akademie Icon


    Both Brautigam and Willens are alive to Beethoven’s every indication on the page, and that most precious of all commodities in music, the life of the phrase, is sacrosanct.

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