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New recording project 2023: Friedrich Witt

Who was Friedrich Witt?

No, Kölner Akademie is not dedicating itself to contemporary music in one of its next major projects – Friedrich Witt was a ‘classic’ in the

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Kölner Akademie in 2022

Wrapup 2022

Review of the year In these last days of the year, despite the still difficult circumstances in the cultural scene, we look back with satisfaction

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Ludwig van Beethoven and the cover of the recording of his Piano concertos

Happy birthday, Ludwig!

It is not known exactly when Ludwig van Beethoven saw the light of day, because in the Bonn registers one only finds his date of baptism, which is dated December 17, 1770, but due to the customs of the time, one assumes the day before as his birthday.

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Ernst Wilhelm Wolf Christmas Cantatas "Auf, jauchzet ihr Christen"

Looking for a Christmas gift?

Fancy some Christmas cantatas, but perhaps for once not Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio”? The Kölner Akademie under its director Michael Alexander Willens now offers a beautiful and almost unknown alternative!

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Wilms-Porträt zum 250. Geburtstag und der NRW-Tour

Biography Johann Wilhelm Wilms

Kölner Akademie will give several concerts in NRW, on occasion of the 250th birthday anniversary of Johann Wilhelm Wilms. Be part of our musical celebration for an outstanding composer and artist!

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