Johann David Heinichen
Two Passion Oratorios

16,00  VAT included

Elena Harsányi
Elvira Bill
Mirko Ludwig
Andreas Wolf

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens

A World Premiere Recording


Die Giesù tenure viscera

E non ti sfacci cur dispieteto

Mia Sion, the facesti?

Croce mal nata, croce spietata

Qual core


A world premiere recording of two gorgeous passion oratorios by the German baroque composer Johann David Heinichen just in time for Easter 2022.

Elena Harsányi, Soprano
Elvira Bill, Alto
Mirko Ludwig, Tenor
Andreas Wolf, Bass

Michael Alexander Willens
Kölner Akademie

Eine Co-Produktion mit Deutschlandfunk
T.T. 75:06


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Two Passion Oratorios”

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