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Mandolin Concertos

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Anna Torge, Mandolin

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens, conductor


After hearing a performance of Leopold Kozeluch’s Sinfonia concertante for trumpet, mandolin double bass and piano, our sponsor asked me if there were any concertos written for the mandolin which had not been recorded. I asked our wonderful mandolin soloist, Anna Torge, if there were any and she presented me with four of them which we have now recorded for this splendid CD. The concertos were written by composers that I had never heard of (Emanuele Barbella, Giovanni Francesco Giuliani and Giovanni Hoffman), whose styles range from the Baroque to the Classical periods.

Sound interesting? Please have a listen.

Mandolin concertos
Forgotten Treasures Vol. 11, ARS-Produktion

Emanuele Barbella: Concerto in D

Giovanni Francesco Giuliani: Concerto in F

Anonym (Paisiello?): Concerto in Eb

Giovanni Hoffmann: Concerto in D

Anna Torge, Mandolin

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens, conductor

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  1. Kölner Akademie Icon

    Gitarre & Laute

    Anna Torge’s playing, her unpretentious virtuosity, her restraint and stylistic confidence should be able to win back devotees to the mandolin who have lost the instrument to tremulous, folksy ensembles.

    Gitarre & Laute

  2. Kölner Akademie Icon

    The result is a natural and perfect balance between orchestra and soloist, realistically captured by the ARS Produktion engineers, thus recreating the intimate ambiance of ‘the time’.

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