Carl Maria von Weber
complete works for piano and orchestra

15,99  VAT included

Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano
Kölner Akademie,
Michael Alexander Willens, Conductor


Carl Maria von Weber: works for piano and orchestra


Piano Concerto No.1 in C major, WeV N.9

Piano Concerto No.2 in E Flat major WeV N.15

Konzertstück in F Minor WeV N.17

Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens, conductor

Eine Co-Produktion mit Deutschlandfunk

5 reviews for Carl Maria von Weber
complete works for piano and orchestra

  1. Misha Donat

    (Brautigam) is stylishly supported by the Kölner Akademie and Michael Alexander Willens.

    Classical music / BBC

  2. Richard Hanlon

    “Willens is most attentive to the affettuoso marking in the opening section, as is Brautigam
    at his reiteration of the theme.”

    Musicweb International

  3. Harriet Smith

    “The sonorities and dramatic impetus that make Weber’s music so identifiable sound
    supremely fresh, a tribute to the artistry of the Kölner Akademie under Willens..”


  4. Rainer W. Janka

    “The Cologne Academy Orchestra, fired by Michael Alexander Willens, unfolds an opulent
    richness of color in this concert piece in particular, beginning with the ballad-like tone at the


  5. Colin Clarke

    Brautigam offers pure refreshment, like drinking pure spring water

    Classical Explorer

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