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Mozart Haffner Serenade
Ein Musikalischen Spaß

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Kölner Akademie,
Michael Alexander Willens, Conductor

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Mozart Haffner Serenade / Musical joke

Mozart’s musical joke is a very enigmatic piece; some say it was his way of getting back at his overbearing father, as it was written shortly after his father’s death.

In any case, I have never understood why the piece has been performed and recorded countless times with an orchestra. On the first page of the first edition there is this vignette:

I don’t think Mozart’s intention could be clearer as to who should perform this piece, do you?
If you’d like to hear it played like this, then have a listen!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Haffner Serenade, Ein Musikalischer Spaß
March in DK 249

Serendade in D major K250
Ein Musikalischer Spaß K522
Alexander Janiczek,Violin

Kölner Akademie,
Michael Alexander Willens, Conductor

Eine Co-Produktion mit Deutschlandfunk
T.T.: 85’51

Haffner Serenade Vignette

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Ein Musikalischen Spaß

  1. Kölner Akademie Icon

    Klassik Heute

    Willens paces the piece very smartly, not an easy thing to do in a work containing eight movements, including three minuets and two andantes. There are no dead spots. Rhythms are nicely pointed, the phrasing elegant but never precious, and the ensemble sonority never turns crude in pursuit of authenticity.

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