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19th century virtuoso trumpet music

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Anna Torge, mandolin
David Sinclair, Viennese Bass
Kathryn Cok, fortepiano
Robert Vanryne, keyed trumpet

Kölner Akademie
Michael Alexander Willens, conductor

G. Verdi - Adagio for Solo Trumpet and Orchestra

JB Schiedermayr - Offertory Ave maris stella

Leopold Anton Kozeluch - Sinfonia concertante in E flat major Allegro

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The natural trumpet (or clarino) which was played in the Baroque period had no valves or keys, just tiny holes in order to produce pitches other than the ones on the natural overtone series. With the addition of keys in the late 18th century, a whole new dimension was opened up for the instrument. It was now possible to play a full chromatic scale which enormously increased its performance capabilities.

Enter the world of 19th century virtuoso trumpet music. Suddenly, composers could write music for the instrument which hadn’t been conceivable just a decade before.

This recording features music written at the beginning of this new era. Join in on the discovery and feast your ears with performances by Robert Vanryne on instruments that he has built for this recording!

19th century virtuoso trumpet music
Forgotten Treasures Vol. 9, ARS-Produktion

Johann Baptist Schiedermayr: Offertorium – Ave maris stella
Ulrike Schneider, mezzo soprano

Giuseppe Verdi: Adagio for trumpet and orchestra

Conradin Kreutzer: Variations in G for chromatic trumpet and orchestra

Leopold Kozeluch: Sinfonia concertante for trumpet, mandolin, double bass and fortepiano

Fridrich Doinys Weber: Variationen für Trompete

Joseph Fiala: Divertimento für Trompete und Orchester

2 reviews for 19th century virtuoso trumpet music

  1. Kölner Akademie Icon

    Paul Hübner

    Robert Vanryne, who plays partly on instruments he built himself, is a true connoisseur of the instrument and its qualities, so that he succeeded in consistently idiomatic and authentic-sounding interpretations. The Cologne Academy under the direction of Michael Alexander Willens accompanies with verve and without airs and graces.


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  2. Kölner Akademie Icon

    Morten Fuglestad

    A very exciting program, and fabulous playing by Vanryne. – This is also a very interesting account of trumpet music in the Romantic era, with several different instruments played in a very illuminating way. Highly recommended!

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